Forever Dawn

I just finished reading Breaking Dawn and I don’t know if I can put into words all I want to say. I’m definitely happy about how things turned out. I didn’t expect it, I’m glad every one got their happily ever after. I don’t think Meyer could’ve gone any other way. Even for Jacob, for a moment there was a part of the book when I thought he’d fall in love with Leah. That would be my worst nightmare. I liked the fact that Meyer incorporated once again Jacob’s perspective in this book. I can tell she enjoyed writing through Jacob’s mind from the moment she made the epilogue on Eclipse. I really enjoyed his part, not to mention his chapter titles were funny. I just love how he was characterized – warm, strong, good-natured, brutally honest, stubborn and just a pain. I guess that you’re sensing I’m on Team Jacob now. 😉 I never expected it too. I’m happy that Renesmee came to be. Although the name sounds drag and she did put Bella through hell, I think it just makes the picture complete. I am also happy that Bella finally belonged. It’s obvious that she didn’t fit in – fragile, clumsy, the damsel in distress, just plain average. Now she finally found her place. Before I thought the cover was about Renesmee but Meyer said it represents Bella’s transformation. Heck, she saved everyone from the Volturi! Can you imagine? But I am relieved the blood lust didn’t happen, though it would’ve been great and exciting if it did. Somehow, it seemed anti-climatic. But anyways, let’s give a shout out to the other characters I loved especially: Alice, Carlisle, Emmett, Seth, Charlie, Rosalie, Garrett, Tanya, Zafrina, Aro and Mike, Angela, James, Victoria from the earlier books. I can’t believe all those times I laughed, cried and thrilled as I turn the pages away. The whole story is just the right mix of fantasy and reality, romance and suspense. It felt like I’ve been living in another world where these characters were true. It has definitely been a great journey. I thank Stephenie Meyer for it.


Twilight is special for me because it’s the one that made me want to start reading books again. I was never the bookworm before but now I carry my hardbound everywhere I go. I really grew attached to it. Like everything about it mattered. The day when I finished it, I didn’t know how to react. It wasn’t until the next morning that sadness crept up on me as I realized that it is over . Forever Dawn, if I may say. It was my habit every morning, reading Twilight has been my past time during my travel to work. I can’t help but wonder what happens after Breaking Dawn. Now I’m just hoping Meyer finishes Midnight Sun very soon. Of course I won’t end this post without talking about Edward. I missed him in a way, maybe because my attention was brought to another. For me, it just got divided. I do want Edward to be with Bella and I couldn’t stand them being apart. Edward Cullen is the most admirable and charming vampire that ever existed in literary history. Suddenly everything about them is not eerie and scary anymore. I never thought vampires can be seen that way, alluring, charismatic not to mention, gorgeous! I’m here now wishing he was real. Please Stephenie, I’m begging you to release Midnight Sun already! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Forever Dawn

  1. kate says:

    yeah…i agree with you
    i wish she makes midnight sun
    i also agree that im happy edward and bella are together and have a child
    i am happy for jacob to finally imprint some he loves(reneesmee)

  2. JD says:

    Yeah hopefully she releases it this year… hey do you happen to know if the official guide is out already? just wondering… 😉

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