Who the hell is Lady Gaga???


Okay, I know it’s 2009 already and this issue about ‘who copies who’ is so last year, more like so last century! But I just can’t help it when I see people’s reactions and comments about this on the net. Personally, I don’t know Lady Gaga as an artist, I just know she has this song called ‘Pokerface’ – never really heard it. But this whole craze about Christina Aguilera copying her style is so lame. Now even Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani are being accused too. My point is how can someone who’s been in the industry like forever copy someone who’s new? Then again, fans of this Lady Gaga are claiming she’s been in the industry for years, it’s just that she’s only been active since 2008 and had a huge hit. Heck, I heard she even has a greatest hits already! But that’s what I think is going on here – these Lady Gaga fans are making this a huge deal so she’d get more famous. (emphasis on more coz apparently she already is.) And I guess they’re succeeding coz I myself is getting curious. Hey, negative publicity is still publicity. Well, as Christina sang via Can’t Hold Us Down: “It’s a shame you only get your fame through controversy.”

There were talks that Christina was already asked about this and claims she doesn’t even know her or if she’s a guy or a girl. Haha.. 😀 Lady Gaga does sound drag in her defense. I know it may seem like a backlash but it’s not impossible for her not to know who she is. On the other side, I don’t know what Lady Gaga’s say about this though. Coz I don’t think she’s even at fault here nor we can blame her for what her fans are doing. Although, I did heard she’s thanking Christina for copying her coz that put her on the map. Damn right it did!


My opinion? Although they resemble each other at certain angles, this whole copying thing is getting old. I mean I’ve seen that look (straight blonde hair with bangs and scanty, futuristic outfits) like a gazillion times before and no one seems to care. I bet these artists don’t coz it’s not true. They got lots more important things to do. All artists have their own personal style and nobody is copying nobody! Why can’t we all just get along? Who knows these two can be BFFs for all we care. They do look like they got separated at birth. 😀


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