Someone’s been claiming my mobile no.!!!

And that someone is a disc jockey which goes by the name of DJ Mae. I don’t know any DJ Mae from any radio station but then again I’m not sure. I’m thinking it’s a provincial station since the texter/s uses some dialect I can’t understand. Okay, it all started around late this year – I can’t remember the exact time. This texter keeps sending me messages and calling me DJ Mae and keeps requesting for songs or sending shoutouts. At first, I didn’t mind maybe that person just wrong-sent the messages. But then it kept on going on every now and then and this time it’s not just one, there are other texters too. Not sure how many since I don’t recognize their phone nos. and I have no intention to. So I did what I have to as much as I wanna ignore them and not spend a single peso. I texted one of them, I texted him/her (I think her) and I said in all frankness and irritation that I’m not DJ Mae, I don’t know any DJ Mae so stop texting. And then she replied which goes something like this: “Sori ha. May no. ka ba ni DJ Mae? Ano name mo? Puede makipag-textmate?”. Aaaarggghhh!!!! The nerve! Didn’t I just said that I’m in no way related to this person? And here she is asking if I know the DJ’s no. and wanting to be my texmate. So I lost it and replied, implying the exact same thing. And then she texted again saying that I’m so rude and she was just asking. But I don’t care, do I look like someone who cares??? I’m glad the message got through and she got the point.

So it’s all good. I’m minding my own business now. And then it started coming in again. And he/she (a different one) started calling too. This time I’m referred to as Ate Rose asking for someone’s mobile no.. My gosh where do they get my freakin’ cellphone no.??!! Actually, there were a few others in separate instances and different scenarios before. So I decided – yet again just now, to text back and say that my name is not Ate Rose in an almost mean kind of way so that he/she won’t bother me again. This time I remembered to ask where the texter got my no., and it’s confirmed. He/she claimed they got it from the radio. So does this mean this Ate Rose is a DJ too? And of course the texter labeled me as a hateful person and even said that I should change since it’s almost the eve of new year’s day. I don’t mind at all as long as they won’t fill my inbox with stupid messages. What’s wrong with these DJs? And what’s their deal for crying out loud?!!! Are they announcing some freakin’ random cellphone no. on air so that listeners won’t keep bugging them? That’s what’s going on – I think. Unless, this DJs have some hidden grudge on me. I don’t remember any misdemeanor I did involving any DJ. I’m really thinking of changing my no., but it’s so hassle. It sucks switching nos. since you have to text all your contacts -the ones you want to know at least. Can someone tell me who this DJs are or if you recognize them? Coz’ I don’t wanna waste time finding out who they are. Is there any way I can stop this, some regulation or law even? I’m guessing none. So I’m stuck in this stupid situation. Hmmpp! I’m really pissed off! Happy New Year to me!

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