High marks for ‘Low Key’

I know it’s very seldom for someone to actually take time and read my blog, so how can I refuse when they request for something, right? So here it is, consider me your own personal genie. Your wish is my command. I guess I’m open for business, hehe 😀 . You, yes you, can tell me what I post or what I need to improve. Just leave a comment and I’ll gladly read them. No haters though! You can criticize me but there’s a fine line to just being obnoxious.

As per request, for Athan I hope you like it.


Low Key – Regine Velasquez

01 Tell me that you love me
02 And I love you so
03 I’d rather leave while i’m in love
04 I never dreamed someone like u could love someone like me
05 No walls, no ceiling, no floors
06 Good friend
07 How can I tell you
08 Of all the things
09 Longer

10 At seventeen
11 She’s always a woman
12 Never be the same
13 Strawberry fields forever
14 Weeping willows, cattails
15 Leader of the band
16 Walk in love
17 Clouds across the moon
18 Christmas is Feat. Jim Brickman

Asia’s Songbird came out this November with a brand new album called ‘Low Key’ appropriately termed as you will barely hear her belt out throughout the record. As she said so herself: “I discover new things about myself and use them in my songs. I realized that the voice doesn’t have to be loud to be forceful, and that a performer can convey a wide range of emotions even in soft or gentle singing.” It’s quite refreshing actually, with an angelic voice like hers I do think she doesn’t have to make an effort to flaunt. It’s been proven by the test of time. Although, I have to admit I’m one of those that get all excited whenever she reaches those very high notes. Did I mention, high? She has one of the most beautiful voices around.

Going back to the album, although these are covers (again) of old songs it was still good. When asked why she haven’t released an all-originals album she said: “People like to hear something that they are already familiar with. So for me, I wanted to give our audience what they want. Plus, I happen to like all the songs. It’s an opportunity for me to do this also because these are the songs I used to listen to the radio, and wishing that one day, I’ll be able to have my own version. It has come true. ” You have to give it to her, I mean, not everybody can pull of remakes and give it their own personal touch. Not everyone can ‘resurrect’ them. You don’t just remake any song, it has to be of relevance or deep meaning. I have to admit, I don’t know any of the songs, huhu… Just the 11th track. But it didn’t stop me from listening. Go to Tonet’s Daily.com to see for yourselves, or rather hear. For a moment there, I thought it was Cacai in the album cover with her short hair. But I liked it, I like her best in short hair.

On the sidetracks, heard the Divas 4 Divas concert topbilled by her, Zsa-Zsa, Pops and Kuh was a smash. There’s only a few times wherein these entertainers do get together and perform. It must’ve been an event to remember. Congrats to her, to them!

2 thoughts on “High marks for ‘Low Key’

  1. Athan says:

    hey.. my dear friend JD.. oh my God.. i am afraid i can’t thank you enough.. oh mY god.. I already have the complete music on my office PC.. haha.. i downloaded them from blog (tonnetdaily.com).. so relaxing.. angelic voice of regine..

    thank you thank you thank you thank you JD. you will still be my friend forever.. kung hindi ka magagalit sa kin ha.. hahaha.

    thanks thanks thanks.. and for that, i will do my best efforts to fianlly release our yearbook.. shit.. oh my ohy my… it is almost 2 years.. grrrrr… guys, you just don’t know how i was fighting for the principples of auditing during GCO days…


    I don’t need to buy CD anymore.. i can now listen to my office unit all day long.. with headset or simply with loud Speakers all through out the night (when rendering OT specially closing of books)

    JD, thank you so much.. as long as I have Regine’s music, i can live.


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