I confess: I’m not such a big fan of OPM. Here’s the thing, Pinoy music especially the popular ones are basically band music like rock. Rock, me? I don’t think so. I can’t even tell anymore how many they are these days. What I do know is that because of them OPM did become what it actually means: Original Pinoy Music. We are in what they call the height of our music industry. Then there are those ballad songs which most likely would be remakes of classics. Not to mention the belting out and high notes of the countless singing contest winners. And I mean countless! I know they’re amazing, but when everyone is amazing then it’s not that amazing anymore. Get it? And that’s about it. You have to admit we don’t have a lot of choices here. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy some of them too, like Kyla, Nina, Regine, MYMP, Amber even Parokya Ni Edgar, Bamboo and Hale but not enough to buy their albums though. It’s just that I’m a huge pop/rnb fan and we don’t have that much kind of music here. Let’s just say I like contemporary music, that’s my taste and people have different tastes. Then again, there’s this crab mentality thing. This mindset. I don’t know if it really influences me on my choice of music, honestly. I mean even on television, I don’t watch the so-called primetime shows here. With the walang-kamatayang fantaserye, telefantasya or whatever they’re calling it these days. Carlo J. Caparas couldn’t be more happy. And I hate it when they even compare it to big-budgeted foreign movies, with regards to the special effects. Come on, seriously. Just don’t coz it’s not even close. Even the overdramatic dramas (redundant as it may sound, its true) that has to include over-the-top sampalan, and the bidang api-apihan.  My gosh are we ever going to get over this phase? Or there’s no phase to get over with? Coz this is the past, present and future of Philippine TV. I know I sound so negative, but maybe there’s a reason behind it. Just think about it. Same thing with our movies. With the rates of movie tickets these days, how can you spend what, like almost two hundred bucks and get bored out of hell at the middle of the screening. In fairness to Star Cinema though, they make decent movies. And isn’t the Metro Manila Film Festival fast approaching? I guess nagsayang na naman ng milyones si Mother Lily! 🙂 Her intentions are noble, she wants the whole industry to boom. And I salute her for that. But that doesn’t mean she’s making that happen or her directors for that matter. For me, we have a lot to learn and we must progress. It’s like we’re stuck in a time warp. It’s true there are things that we can be proud of with our entertainment industry, but it is overshadowed by the not-so-good ones.

Am I a traitor to my own country? Does that make me not proud of who I am? Maybe. Maybe not. I cannot answer that, judge me then. You can correct me, too. To prove me wrong. That maybe I’m not seeing the picture clear. I’ll be waiting.