New Moon Extras

newmooncover Oh my gosh! I thought I was already verging on Twilight addiction after having watched the movie and read New Moon (my take on it? read my review on Friendster) and now currently finishing Eclipse, but not til I stumbled upon the outtakes and the other extras on Stephenie Meyer’s website. Before I didn’t even knew what outtakes mean, I wasn’t such a bookworm back then. Well, you can actually take the word quite literally. This just mean that these are parts of the original draft that were taken off during the editing process from the final version, the published one. As Meyer said, every now and then the author loses a battle with her editor and with that sacrifices are made to a point that a storyline or plot is removed for reasons as simple as to just shorten the whole story or sometimes to make it more interesting. What’s so special about these outtakes? Among them (both Twilight and New Moon outtakes) there’s only one that I sympathize with Meyer for having cut, and that is “The Scholarship” taken off from New Moon. She thinks it was a funny story and I couldn’t agree more. The story actually goes on throughout the book and it was so fun. It happened after Edward left and Bella during her whole delusion stage was about to deposit her check from work just to find out that she had an extra 20 grand in her account! Later she found out that it was allegedly a scholarship from the Pacific Northwest Trust Company in which she didn’t apply for. Succeeding incidents were so amusing wherein after having e-mailed the Company and told them that she didn’t need any of it and she wasn’t deserving, she kept on receiving packages. First including a check worth 25 grand, but she burned it. Next one and this time actual cash for 30 grand, then burned it too. And after having realized from whom it was although no return address was stated, went to the Cullens’ abandoned house and threw the whole box on the front door but knowing Bella, so it went right through the glass windows and made a huge crack. Haha. 😀 And the nerve of Edward to deny it too after! So much for the non-interfering promise! I can’t believe him! Sugar daddy! Haha. 😉 Anyways, you can download the pdf files from her website and look for the outtakes (Click here). There are other extras too, like Meyer telling Jacob’s side of the story or the one about how Rosalie told Edward the sad news. Just everything a Twilight certified addict would be interested to read. Furthermore, if you haven’t known by now Summit Media is already on the works for the movie sequel! Yey! Target date would be late 2009 or early 2010. What’s the enthusiasm about? (FYI: I’m not so happy with the 1st movie) A new director is taking over in the form of Mr. Chris Weitz. Don’t know him, hehe. But since I’m a bit disappointed with Catherine Hardwicke’s work that maybe it’s a good thing that the timing made her backout from doing the 2nd installment (or so she says). Really hope this one turn out to be great! By the way, I really can’t wait for Midnight Sun. I hope Meyer finishes it soon so a 2009 release would be possible! As I just found out that it’s not just Edward’s version of Twilight but actually the whole series. What I’m most curious about is what had happened to him after she left Bella coz I already read the other thing which was what was going on his head the first time she met her. It’s on her website too. Hopefully, I get to start on Breaking Dawn very soon! Can’t wait! 🙂


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