Choice Hottie for December: Penn Badgley

Okay whoever doesn’t know about this guy must be living under a rock! Playing the charming Dan Humphrey aka Lonely Boy as  Gossip Girl calls him, in the show of the same title. To be honest I hadn’t known him pre-GG phase, why? Maybe this picture will help…



Ya the whole long hair thing is not working for him, does it? One of his bigger breaks before GG was a role on John Tucker Must Die, a movie by Jesse Metcalfe another Choice Hottie potential. As a kid, he actually guested or rather had an acting stint on Will & Grace but that was ages ago. Anyways, now he looks like he went past the adolescence phase and straight to manhood although he’s just 22 years old. Penn was born Penn Dayton Badgley in Baltimore, Maryland on November 1, 1986. Here are some of his droolworthy pics and a video…

And here’s a video from InStyle Magazine entitled ‘Penn Badgley Talks Sexy.’


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